Download Real Jigsaw Puzzle Freeware

JigSaw Puzzle Monkey Screensaver Game  v.1.0

JigSaw Puzzle Monkey screensaver game.

Rubiks Cube Jigsaw Puzzle  v.1

Photo jigsaw puzzle of a Rubiks Cube.

JigSaw Puzzle Dog Screensaver Game  v.1.0

JigSaw Puzzle Dog screensaver game.

JigSaw Puzzle Paradise Screensaver Game  v.1.0

JigSaw Puzzle Paradise screensaver game.

Lady of Shalott Jigsaw Puzzle  v.1.5

Nice jigsaw puzzle made from the painting of a well known artist. Easy to play, you can control everything using only a mouse. The game runs well on every PC and contains no viruses or adware. Free.

Jigsaw Puzzle  v.1.1.0

Play randomly generated jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Component for Flash  v.2.1

You can build your own jigsaw puzzles using this component for Macromedia Flash. Ulike most other jigsaw puzzle applications for Flash, Jigsaw Puzzle v2.1 recognizes the neighbour pieces put near in right direction and then groups them. This makes

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite  v.1.7.9

A lot of free puzzles included in this game, and you can create your own puzzles from your favourite pictures with a few clicks of a mouse. Additional packs of high-quality and customizable photographic puzzles can be purchased from developer's site.

Water Falls Jigsaw Puzzle  v.1.0

Free downloadable Water Falls jigsaw puzzle. The program has a link back to the Sponsor's site where more puzzles in varying degrees of difficulty can be downloaded. There are no strings attached to this program and it contains NO

(KDE) Jigsaw Puzzle Game  v.1.0

KJig is a Jigsaw Puzzle game for KDE. This game allows to create jigsaw puzzles from any image file and solve the puzzles in multiple "sessions".

MacPips Jigsaw Puzzle for Mac OS  v.2.5

Jigsaw allows you to create jigsaw puzzles quickly and easily from your own pictures. A simple, intuitive interface makes creating and playing puzzles a snap. Choose a picture file, or drag and drop a picture from your iPhoto library, select how

Jigsaw Puzzle Animals Edition  v.1.0

Unwind this evening with over 50 cute animal puzzles.

Beach Bum Jigsaw Puzzle  v.2.00

Race against the clock and other internet puzzle masters as you try to piece together the Beach Bum. Be fast and don't get

Casino Jigsaw Puzzle  v.2.00

Race against the clock and other internet puzzle masters as you try to put together a picture of a Casino as quickly as

Jigsaw cat N7  v.6

How to Play. Jigsaw Mania is very easy to play, here is a quick guide for getting . Unlike a real Jigsaw puzzle, the pieces in Jigsaw Mania do not rotate

The Puzzler  v.0.21 is a jigsaw puzzle game written in python, using pygame. It aims to be a realistic simulation of working a real jigsaw puzzle using a large virtual table space. Skill levels from child puzzle to insane jigsaw masters will be

888 Jigsaw Picture Puzzle Game  v.1

Jigsaw Game is a fun picture puzzle game with the facility to customize puzzles. Many free jigsaw puzzle pictures like birds; animals; and cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry are provided in the game. Create your puzzle game from your own

Alive! Jigsaw Free  v.4.12

A virtual jigsaw puzzle game with animated images, great 3D appearance and smooth movements. This game allows you to create and play jigsaws with your own videos and pictures. Fully rotatable 3D style pieces, load and save the game, helpers.

Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator  v.2.00

Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator is a wizard which will help you simply and quickly create your own custom jigsaw puzzles. These small jigsaw puzzle games can contain your logo, banner, picture, corporate colors and a link to your web site. Freeware!

Jigetiser Advent Calendar  v.2006

The application shows the advent calendar typical numbers you can click on to start a jigsaw puzzle. Every jigsaw puzzle shows a winter or advent image. It has a severity that allows a beginner to end in about 15 minutes and an advanced to end in

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